What Is Tarot Astrology And How Does It Work?

is tarot astrology

Tarot astrology is a fascinating practice that merges the wisdom and symbolism of the tarot cards with the precision of astrology. This unique combination allows for a deeper understanding of oneself, as it draws upon the cosmic guidance of the stars while interpreting the cards' messages. By exploring the astrological associations of each card, tarot astrology opens doors to new perspectives, insights, and revelations that can help guide us through life's ups and downs. Whether you're a believer in astrology or simply curious about exploring the mystical world of tarot, this marriage of divination methods offers a fresh and insightful approach to self-discovery and navigating life's complexities.

Characteristics Values
Origin Ancient civilizations
Purpose Divination and guidance
Deck Consists of 78 cards
Major Arcana 22 cards representing major life themes
Minor Arcana 56 cards representing daily life situations
Symbolism Each card has symbolic imagery
Numerology Cards have numerical values
Astrology Cards are associated with astrological signs
Tarot Spreads Different layouts for card readings
Interpretation Cards can have multiple meanings
Intuition Tarot readings rely on intuitive guidance
Personal Growth Tarot can help with self-discovery and personal growth
Divination Tarot can provide insights into future events
Spiritual Guidance Tarot can offer spiritual guidance
Popular Decks Rider-Waite, Thoth, and Marseille are well-known decks
Tarot Readers Skilled readers interpret the cards
Online Tarot Digital versions of tarot card readings are available
Tarot Communities Online forums and communities discuss tarot
Skepticism Some view tarot as entertainment or pseudoscience
Effectiveness Tarot's effectiveness varies depending on the individual


What is the relationship between tarot and astrology?

Tarot and astrology are two distinct divination practices, but they are often intertwined and used together. Both tarot and astrology offer insight and guidance into various aspects of life, including love, career, and personal growth. The relationship between tarot and astrology lies in their complementary nature and the way they can be used to enhance each other’s interpretation.

At a basic level, tarot and astrology are both tools for divination and self-reflection, and they both draw upon the energies and symbolism of the universe. Tarot uses a deck of 78 cards, each with its unique image and meaning, to provide guidance and insight. Astrology, on the other hand, relies on the positions of celestial bodies, such as the sun, moon, and planets, to create a horoscope and provide information about a person’s character and life events.

Astrology can be used as a framework for tarot readings. When conducting a tarot reading, the astrological aspects can provide a broader context and deeper understanding of the cards' meanings. For example, if a tarot card represents new beginnings, the astrological sign associated with that card can shed light on the nature of those new beginnings. This combination of tarot and astrology allows for a more nuanced interpretation and can provide additional layers of insight to the reading.

Another way tarot and astrology are related is through the use of astrological spreads in tarot readings. An astrological spread uses a specific placement of tarot cards to represent the different houses of the horoscope, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of various aspects of life. This approach allows the tarot reader to tap into the energies and themes of each house and provide more detailed guidance based on the astrological influences.

Furthermore, tarot and astrology can be studied and practiced together as complementary disciplines. Many tarot readers also have a good understanding of astrology and incorporate astrological knowledge into their readings. Similarly, astrologers may use tarot cards to gain additional insights or confirm their astrological interpretations. By combining tarot and astrology, individuals can access a broader range of tools and perspectives for self-reflection and divination.

In conclusion, tarot and astrology have a symbiotic relationship, as they can enhance each other's meanings and interpretations. The use of astrology in tarot readings adds depth and context to the cards' meanings, while astrological spreads provide a structured framework for comprehensive analysis. Additionally, studying and practicing tarot and astrology together can provide a more holistic approach to divination and self-reflection. Whether used independently or in conjunction, tarot and astrology offer valuable insights and guidance into various aspects of life.


How does tarot incorporate astrology in its readings?

Tarot is a divination practice that uses a deck of cards to gain insight into a person's past, present, and future. Astrology, on the other hand, is the study of the movements and positions of celestial bodies and how they influence human behavior and events on Earth. Although they are distinct practices, tarot and astrology are often integrated in readings to provide a more comprehensive understanding of a person's life.

One way tarot incorporates astrology is through the use of astrological correspondences. Each tarot card is associated with one or more astrological symbols, such as planets, zodiac signs, or elements. These correspondences provide additional layers of meaning to the cards and allow the reader to make connections between the astrological energies and the messages conveyed by the cards. For example, the Emperor card is associated with the zodiac sign Aries, which symbolizes leadership, ambition, and assertiveness. When this card appears in a reading, it may indicate the need to take charge and assert oneself in a situation.

In addition to astrological correspondences, tarot readings can also incorporate astrological timing. Astrologers often use a technique called "timing by the planets" to determine the most auspicious time for certain events or activities. Similarly, tarot readers can use the astrological symbols on the cards to determine when certain events may occur in a person's life. For instance, if the Sun card appears in a reading, it may indicate a period of success, vitality, and achievement, which is often associated with the astrological sign Leo and the corresponding time of year.

Another way tarot incorporates astrology is through the use of astrological spreads. A tarot spread is a specific arrangement of cards that represents different aspects of a person's life. Astrological spreads are designed to provide insight into the influence of planetary energies on various areas of a person's life, such as love, career, and personal growth. These spreads may include cards that represent specific zodiac signs or planets, allowing the reader to see how these astrological influences are affecting the querent's current situation.

Lastly, tarot readings can also incorporate astrological symbolism and imagery. Many tarot decks feature illustrations or designs that are inspired by astrology, such as zodiac symbols or constellations. These visual cues can enhance the reader's interpretation of the cards and help them connect the messages of the tarot with the archetypal energies represented by the zodiac signs or planets.

In conclusion, tarot readings often incorporate astrology in various ways, such as through astrological correspondences, timing by the planets, astrological spreads, and symbolism. By integrating these two ancient divination practices, tarot readers can offer more in-depth and nuanced insights into a person's life, helping them gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their circumstances.


Can tarot cards be used as a tool for understanding astrological influences in a person's life?

Tarot cards and astrology are both popular tools used to gain insight and understanding into different aspects of a person's life. While tarot cards primarily focus on the spiritual and psychological aspects, astrology dives into the cosmic influences that shape a person's life. So, can tarot cards be used as a tool for understanding astrological influences in a person's life? The short answer is yes, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Tarot cards have a rich symbolism that can reflect and connect with various astrological principles and energies. Each card is associated with specific archetypes and meanings that can align with the planets, signs, and houses in astrology. By comparing the tarot cards drawn in a reading with a person's astrological birth chart, one can gain a more comprehensive understanding of how the celestial influences are playing out in their life.

For example, if someone draws the High Priestess card in a tarot reading, which is often associated with the Moon, it could indicate that the lunar energy is strongly influencing their situation. By looking at their birth chart, one might discover that the Moon is in a significant position or that they have a strong Cancer influence, both of which would support the interpretation of the card.

However, it is essential to remember that tarot cards and astrology are separate systems with their own unique interpretations and symbolism. While they can complement each other, it's important not to rely too heavily on one to generalize or predict specific astrological outcomes. Tarot cards offer a more nuanced and personal perspective on a situation, whereas astrology provides a broader and more objective overview of cosmic influences.

In conclusion, tarot cards can be used as a tool for understanding astrological influences in a person's life, but they should not be seen as a replacement for astrology itself. By combining the insights gained from both practices, one can deepen their understanding and interpretations, providing a more holistic view of the celestial influences at play.


Are there specific tarot card spreads or layouts that are used for astrological readings?

Yes, there are specific tarot card spreads or layouts that are commonly used for astrological readings. These spreads are designed to incorporate the principles and symbolism of astrology into the tarot reading, providing a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the individual's astrological influences.

One common layout is the Zodiac Spread, which is a circular layout that mimics the layout of the zodiac wheel. In this spread, each card represents a different zodiac sign, with the first card representing the individual's sun sign, the second card representing the moon sign, and so on. This spread can provide insights into the individual's personality, strengths, and challenges based on their specific astrological placements.

Another popular spread is the Astrological Chart Spread, which is designed to replicate the layout of an astrological birth chart. This spread includes twelve cards, each representing a different house in the birth chart. The position and interpretation of the cards in each house can provide insights into various areas of the individual's life, such as relationships, career, and personal growth.

Some tarot readers also use spreads that are specific to each astrological sign. For example, a tarot spread for Aries might focus on themes such as courage, leadership, and taking initiative. Similarly, a tarot spread for Cancer might explore themes of nurturing, emotional healing, and home life. These spreads can provide more personalized and tailored readings for individuals based on their astrological sign.

Overall, tarot card spreads for astrological readings can provide a unique combination of the insights and symbolism of both tarot and astrology. These spreads can offer a deeper understanding of an individual's astrological influences and can provide guidance and clarity in various areas of their life. However, it's important to remember that these spreads should be used as tools for self-reflection and personal growth and should not be seen as predictive or definitive of one's future.


How accurate is tarot astrology in predicting future events or providing insights into one's astrological chart?

Tarot astrology is a combination of two popular divination methods, tarot card reading and astrology. While both tarot cards and astrology have long been used as tools for insight and guidance, the accuracy of tarot astrology in predicting future events or providing insights into one's astrological chart can vary.

When it comes to predicting future events, tarot astrology can provide a general sense of what might happen, but it is important to remember that the future is not set in stone. Tarot cards often reflect the current energy and circumstances, as well as potential outcomes based on those factors. However, the choices and actions we make in the present can change the course of our future. Therefore, the predictions made through tarot astrology should be taken as guidance rather than absolute predictions.

In terms of insights into one's astrological chart, tarot astrology can provide additional layers of meaning and depth. By combining the archetypal imagery of the tarot cards and the symbolism of astrology, a tarot astrology reading can offer a unique perspective on an individual's personality traits, life themes, and potential challenges and opportunities.

The accuracy of tarot astrology in providing insights into one's astrological chart depends on the skill and intuition of the tarot reader. A skilled reader will be able to interpret the cards and astrological symbols in a way that resonates with the individual and provides useful insights. However, it is essential to approach tarot astrology with an open mind and to use the information gained from a reading as a starting point for self-reflection and personal growth, rather than relying solely on it as an absolute truth.

Overall, tarot astrology can be a valuable tool for gaining insights and guidance, but it is important to approach it with a balanced perspective. While the accuracy of tarot astrology in predicting future events or providing insights into one's astrological chart can vary, it can still offer valuable insights and perspectives when used as a tool for self-reflection and personal growth.

Frequently asked questions

Tarot astrology is a unique combination of tarot reading and astrology. It involves using tarot cards to gain insight and guidance, while also incorporating astrological concepts such as birth charts and planetary positions. This practice allows for a deeper understanding of the current energies and influences at play in someone's life.

In tarot astrology, the tarot cards are used as a tool to tap into the universal energy and receive guidance. The cards are shuffled and laid out in a specific spread, representing different areas or aspects of life. Astrological concepts are then integrated into the interpretation by considering the zodiac signs, planetary placements, and other astrological factors that correspond to the cards chosen. This blend of tarot and astrology provides a more in-depth and personalized reading.

A tarot astrology reading can provide insights and guidance on various aspects of your life, such as relationships, career, personal growth, and decision-making. It can help uncover patterns, obstacles, and potential opportunities, allowing you to make more informed choices. Additionally, a tarot astrology reading can offer a deeper understanding of your own personal strengths and challenges, as well as the energetic influences affecting your current situation. Ultimately, it can help you navigate through life with more clarity, confidence, and alignment with your true self.

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