How To Master The Art Of Using Vice Versa Tarot For Powerful Divination

how to use vice versa tarot

Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a way to gain insight and guidance into one's life. Each card represents a different aspect of life and can provide deep insights into our past, present, and future. One unique way of using tarot cards is through the vice versa tarot method. Unlike traditional tarot readings, vice versa tarot flips the meanings of the cards, providing a fresh perspective on their symbolism. In this guide, we will explore how to use vice versa tarot and unlock new levels of understanding and self-reflection. So grab your deck and get ready to delve into the intriguing world of vice versa tarot!

Characteristics Values
Number of cards 78
Deck type Tarot
Card meanings Reversed meanings available
Card spreads Various spreads available
Interpretation Intuitive and personal interpretation encouraged
Reversals Can be used with or without reversals
Question types Can be used for general readings or specific questions
Reading style Can be used for one-card readings or complex spreads
Tarot system Based on the Rider-Waite-Smith system
Art style Unique and varied art styles available
Symbolism Rich in symbolism and archetypal themes


What is Vice Versa Tarot and how is it different from other tarot sets?

Vice Versa Tarot is a unique and innovative take on the traditional tarot deck. Created by artist and tarot reader Rosario Salerno, Vice Versa Tarot flips the images on each card to create a completely new and refreshing interpretation. This means that each card has two distinct images on it, one upright and one reversed, allowing for a more nuanced and flexible reading experience.

One of the key differences between Vice Versa Tarot and other tarot sets is the way the images are presented. In traditional tarot decks, the images on each card are fixed and cannot be changed. However, with Vice Versa Tarot, the images can be flipped, offering the reader multiple perspectives and interpretations. This allows for a more dynamic and interactive reading experience.

Another unique aspect of Vice Versa Tarot is the artwork itself. The illustrations on each card are vibrant and eye-catching, with bold colors and intricate details. The images capture the essence of each card in a visually stunning way, making it easy for the reader to connect with the meanings and symbolism behind each card.

Additionally, Vice Versa Tarot incorporates elements from both the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot system and the Marseille tarot tradition. This fusion of different tarot traditions allows for a more versatile and comprehensive reading experience. It combines the familiar symbolism and structure of the Rider-Waite-Smith system with the intuitive and abstract imagery of the Marseille tarot.

Overall, Vice Versa Tarot is a unique and visually striking tarot set that offers a fresh perspective on the traditional tarot deck. With its innovative flipping images and fusion of different tarot traditions, it is a valuable tool for anyone interested in tarot reading and self-reflection.


What are some tips for interpreting the reversed cards in Vice Versa Tarot?

When interpreting the reversed cards in the Vice Versa Tarot deck, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Reversed cards often indicate a disruption or blockage in the energy of the upright card's meaning. However, in the Vice Versa Tarot deck, the reversed cards have a positive connotation, offering a different perspective or potential opportunity. Here are some tips for interpreting the reversed cards in Vice Versa Tarot:

  • Consider the imagery: The Vice Versa Tarot deck has reversed images on each card, so pay attention to the details and symbols depicted. These reversed images may offer hints or clues as to the reversed card's positive interpretation. Look for contrasting elements or variations in colors, as they can highlight the reversed card's unique message.
  • Reversed cards as opportunities: Instead of viewing the reversed cards as obstacles or challenges, see them as opportunities for growth and new perspectives. They may indicate that a different approach is needed or that you have the chance to explore alternative solutions. Embrace the reversed cards as invitations to step out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons.
  • Context matters: Like with any tarot reading, the context in which a reversed card appears is crucial to its interpretation. Take note of the surrounding cards, as they can provide additional insights into how the reversed card is influencing the situation. Consider the overall theme or narrative that emerges from the combination of upright and reversed cards to get a clear understanding of the message.
  • Trust your intuition: While there are general meanings attributed to each reversed card in tarot, it's important to trust your intuition when interpreting the Vice Versa Tarot's reversed cards. Your intuitive feelings and gut reactions can provide valuable insights that may not be captured by traditional interpretations. Connect with your inner wisdom and listen to what it tells you about the reversed cards.
  • Balance between upright and reversed cards: The Vice Versa Tarot deck is designed to provide balance between the upright and reversed cards. Just as the upright cards offer their positive messages, the reversed cards complement them by offering their unique perspectives and opportunities. Remember to consider both the upright and reversed cards together to get a holistic understanding of the reading.

In summary, interpreting the reversed cards in the Vice Versa Tarot deck requires a shift in perspective. Embrace the reversed cards as opportunities for growth and alternate viewpoints. By considering the imagery, context, and your intuition, you can uncover the positive messages and insights offered by the reversed cards in this unique tarot deck.


Are there any specific spreads or layouts that work well with Vice Versa Tarot?

The Vice Versa Tarot is a unique deck that features dual illustrations on each card, allowing for a different interpretation depending on which way the card is facing. This deck offers an interesting twist on traditional tarot readings and can be used with a variety of spreads and layouts. While there are no specific spreads or layouts that are designed specifically for the Vice Versa Tarot, there are a few that work particularly well with this deck.

One popular spread that can be used with the Vice Versa Tarot is the Celtic Cross spread. This spread provides a comprehensive look at a specific situation or question and allows for an in-depth exploration of various aspects of the situation. With the Vice Versa Tarot, each card can be interpreted twice, once for each illustration, providing two perspectives on each aspect of the spread.

Another spread that works well with the Vice Versa Tarot is the Past-Present-Future spread. This spread offers insight into the past influences, current situation, and future potential of a situation. With the Vice Versa Tarot, each card can again be interpreted twice, providing a nuanced understanding of how the past, present, and future are viewed from two different perspectives.

The three-card spread is another versatile option that can be used with the Vice Versa Tarot. In this spread, one card is drawn for the past, one for the present, and one for the future. Each card can be interpreted twice, allowing for a deeper exploration of the energies at play in each time frame.

Finally, the simple one-card draw can also be used with the Vice Versa Tarot. In this layout, the deck is shuffled, and one card is drawn to provide insight and guidance on a specific question or situation. With the Vice Versa Tarot, each card can be interpreted twice, allowing for a rich and nuanced understanding of the message.

Ultimately, while there are no specific spreads that are designed specifically for the Vice Versa Tarot, this deck can be used with a variety of spreads and layouts to provide unique and layered insights. The dual illustrations on each card add an extra dimension to readings, allowing for exploration of different perspectives and interpretations. Whether you choose to use established spreads or create your own, the Vice Versa Tarot offers a fresh and intriguing approach to tarot readings.


How can one incorporate reversals into their readings using Vice Versa Tarot?

When using the Vice Versa Tarot deck, incorporating reversals into your readings can provide additional depth and insights. Reversals occur when a tarot card is drawn upside down, and they can offer a different perspective or meaning to the upright interpretation of the card. Here are some ways you can incorporate reversals into your readings using the Vice Versa Tarot deck.

Firstly, you can interpret reversals as a blockage or challenge in the upright energy of the card. For example, if you draw the Vice Versa Nine of Cups reversed, it could indicate that the person is struggling to find emotional fulfillment or experiencing obstacles in achieving their desires. By incorporating reversals, you can pick up on these subtle nuances and provide more accurate and realistic readings.

Secondly, reversals can add a layer of complexity to the interpretation of the card. The Vice Versa Tarot deck is unique because it offers dual images for each card, one for the upright and one for the reversed position. These dual images can provide contrasting meanings and shed light on different aspects of the card's energy. For instance, the Vice Versa Three of Swords shows a heart breaking in the upright position, but in the reversed position, it depicts a heart mending. This duality allows you to explore both the pain and the healing potential of the card's energy.

Another way to incorporate reversals is by paying attention to the directionality of the images in the Vice Versa Tarot deck. In a reversed card, the image is often mirrored or inverted, which can signal a need for reflection or a reversal of course. For example, if you draw the Vice Versa Emperor reversed, the reversed image could indicate a need to reassess one's authority or a potential power struggle. By considering the directionality of the images, you can add depth and nuance to your interpretations.

Lastly, when using the Vice Versa Tarot deck, you can also take into account both the upright and reversed meanings of the card in a single reading. This can create a more balanced and comprehensive understanding of the situation at hand. For example, if you draw the Vice Versa Chariot upright and the Vice Versa Chariot reversed in a spread, it could indicate a push-pull dynamic or a battle of wills in a particular area of life. By incorporating both meanings, you can provide a more nuanced and accurate reading.

Incorporating reversals into your readings with the Vice Versa Tarot deck can provide a richer and more detailed understanding of the cards' energies. Whether you interpret reversals as blockages, explore the dual images, consider directionality, or incorporate both meanings, the use of reversals can enhance your readings and offer deeper insights into the querent's situation.


Are there any distinct symbolism or imagery in Vice Versa Tarot that differs from traditional tarot decks?

The Vice Versa Tarot is known for its unique and distinctive imagery and symbolism, which sets it apart from traditional tarot decks. One of the main differences is that the cards are reversible, with a different image on each side. This allows for a dual interpretation of each card, providing a deeper and more nuanced reading. The deck also features bold and vibrant colors, with each card having a black background and the imagery rendered in vivid hues.

In terms of symbolism, the Vice Versa Tarot deviates from traditional tarot decks by incorporating more modern and contemporary imagery. For example, the Fool card depicts a skateboarder in midair, symbolizing the free-spiritedness and risk-taking nature typically associated with the Fool archetype. The Death card shows a phoenix rising from the ashes, representing transformation and rebirth, rather than the traditional depiction of a skeletal figure.

The Major Arcana cards in the Vice Versa Tarot also feature a number of unique additions to the traditional symbolism. The High Priestess card, for instance, portrays a woman holding a book with one hand and a smartphone in the other, symbolizing the balance between ancient wisdom and modern knowledge. The Emperor card depicts a woman seated on a throne, challenging the traditional patriarchal representation of power and authority.

In addition to these individual changes, the Vice Versa Tarot also breaks away from traditional tarot by mixing and merging the symbolism of different suits and elements. For example, the Two of Cups card combines the imagery of the traditional cups suit with a pair of hands holding a smartphone. This fusion represents the duality of emotional connection and the virtual world of social media.

Overall, the Vice Versa Tarot offers a fresh and contemporary interpretation of the traditional tarot symbolism. Its reversible cards and modern imagery provide a unique perspective on each card and allow for a range of interpretations that resonate with the modern world.

Frequently asked questions

To shuffle the Vice Versa Tarot deck, first ensure that the cards are well-mixed. Then, hold the deck in one hand and use the other hand to randomly insert small sections of the cards into the middle of the deck. Repeat this process a few times to ensure a thorough shuffle.

Yes, you can use the Vice Versa Tarot deck for traditional tarot readings. The deck follows the traditional structure of the tarot and can be interpreted in the same way as any other tarot deck. The only difference is that the Vice Versa Tarot features reversible artwork, allowing for additional layers of interpretation.

In the Vice Versa Tarot deck, each card has a reversible image, providing the option for reversed interpretations. When interpreting the reversed images, consider the potential opposite meanings of the card. For example, if a card typically represents success when upright, the reversed image could suggest failure or obstacles in achieving success.

Yes, the Vice Versa Tarot deck can be used for daily draws or single card readings. Simply shuffle the deck, focus on your question or intention, and pull a single card to gain insight for the day or situation at hand. The reversible artwork can provide additional depth to your interpretation and offer a different perspective.

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