Unveiling The Guide To Obtain Faith In Graveyard Keeper

how to get faith graveyard keeper

Are you ready to embark on a spiritual journey in the afterlife? As a graveyard keeper, one of your most desired accomplishments will be to acquire the faith skill. This powerful ability allows you to perform miracles, sway the opinions of your fellow villagers, and even resurrect the dead. However, obtaining faith in Graveyard Keeper is not an easy task. It requires dedication, patience, and a strong belief in the supernatural. So, buckle up and join me on this guide, as we explore the various methods and strategies to unlock the extraordinary power of faith in Graveyard Keeper. Get ready to delve into the secrets of the occult and discover the key to becoming a true master of the graveyard.

Characteristics Values
Corpse Quality A
Corpse Age Fresh (less than 2 days)
Corpse Status Not Autopsied
Corpse Cause Natural
Faith Points 5
Church Quality C
Church Alignment Christian
Church Perks Logistics I, Graveyard Quality I, Prayer I
Talking Skull Required after 5 corpses at 12 faith
Sermons Once per week
Donations Gold
Confessionals Required after 10 corpses at 20 faith
Sermons Quality Needs sermon improvement
Good Sermons More faith points for better sermons
Church Quality II Required after 20 corpses at 40 faith
Faith Bonus 1x Book of Faith


Introduction to Faith in Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper is a unique simulation game that takes place in a medieval graveyard. In this game, you play the role of a character who manages and runs the graveyard. One important aspect of the game is faith, which plays a significant role in the progression of the story.

Faith is a resource in Graveyard Keeper that can be obtained by performing various actions in the game. Having a high faith level is essential as it unlocks important features and allows you to progress further in the game.

Here are some ways to get faith in Graveyard Keeper:

  • Preaching: Preaching is one of the most effective ways to gain faith. To preach, you will need to build a church and obtain sermon scrolls. Sermon scrolls can be obtained by completing quests or purchasing from the Astrologer. Once you have sermon scrolls, you can give sermons to the congregation that gathers in the church. The more engaging and inspiring your sermons are, the more faith you will earn.
  • Completing quests: Quests in Graveyard Keeper often reward you with faith points upon completion. Pay close attention to the different NPCs in the game and their quests. By completing quests, you not only gain faith but also unlock new areas and opportunities.
  • Praying: Praying at the church altar is another way to gain faith points. Simply interact with the altar and choose the option to pray. The amount of faith you gain from praying depends on your current faith level.
  • Performing burial rites: One of your main responsibilities in Graveyard Keeper is burying bodies. When you bury a body in a high-quality grave, you earn faith points. It is important to keep the graves in good condition and use appropriate headstones to maximize your faith gain.
  • Donating organs and bodies: In some cases, you may come across organs or bodies that are not suitable for burial. Instead of disposing of them, you can donate them to the local church. The church will reward you with faith points for your generosity.
  • Studying dark arts: While Graveyard Keeper focuses on faith, there is also a dark side to the game that involves studying the occult and performing rituals. Some dark arts can also grant you faith points, but be cautious as it may have negative consequences in other areas of the game.

Remember that faith is a valuable resource, so it is important to use it wisely. Invest your faith points into unlocking new technologies and abilities that will aid you in managing your graveyard more efficiently.

In conclusion, faith is an essential aspect of Graveyard Keeper that can be obtained through various activities such as preaching, quest completion, praying, burial rites, and donations. Strive to increase your faith level to unlock new features and progress further in the game.


In the game Graveyard Keeper, one of the key aspects of gameplay is completing faith-related tasks and gaining faith points. Faith points are important for unlocking new technologies and performing certain rituals. However, finding and completing faith-related tasks can sometimes be a bit tricky. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of finding and completing faith-related tasks in Graveyard Keeper.

Building the Church:

The first step to unlocking faith-related tasks is to build the church in your graveyard. To do this, you will need to gather the necessary resources, such as wood, stone, and nails. Once the church is built, you can start performing faith-related activities.

Talking to the Bishop:

Head over to the church and talk to the Bishop. He will provide you with faith-related tasks that you need to complete. These tasks can vary from performing specific rituals to gathering certain materials.

Gathering Faith Items:

To complete the faith-related tasks, you will often need to gather specific faith items. These items can be obtained through various means, such as fishing, mining, or farming. Pay attention to the requirements mentioned by the Bishop and plan your activities accordingly.

Completing Rituals:

Some faith-related tasks require you to perform rituals. To perform a ritual, you will need to have the necessary faith-related items in your possession. These items might include things like prayer for the dead, burial certificates, or even special items like skulls. Once you have the required items, interact with the church altar and select the appropriate ritual from the menu. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the ritual.

Donating and Praying:

Donating to the church and praying regularly is another way to gain faith points in Graveyard Keeper. You can donate money, resources, or even faith-related items to the church to earn faith points. Praying at the church altar also rewards you with faith points. Make sure to visit the church regularly and interact with the altar to donate and pray.

Advancing Faith Technologies:

As you gain more faith points, you will unlock new technologies in the church. These technologies can provide useful upgrades and abilities that can aid you in your gravekeeping duties. Keep completing faith-related tasks and donating to the church to unlock more technologies and enhance your gameplay experience.

Trading with the Bishop:

The Bishop also acts as a trader and can provide you with faith-related items in exchange for other resources or money. If you are having trouble finding a specific faith item, check with the Bishop to see if he has it in stock. Make sure to keep an eye on his inventory as it refreshes periodically.

In conclusion, finding and completing faith-related tasks in Graveyard Keeper is crucial for progressing in the game. Make sure to build the church, talk to the Bishop, gather faith items, perform rituals, donate, pray regularly, and trade with the Bishop to gain faith points and unlock new technologies. Stay organized, plan your activities, and most importantly, have fun in your graveyard keeping adventures!


Building and Upgrading the Church for Faith Points

In the game Graveyard Keeper, one of the main resources you will need is Faith Points. These points are used to unlock various abilities and upgrades for your character. One of the most effective ways to earn Faith Points is by building and upgrading the Church. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of building and upgrading the Church to maximize your Faith Points.

Step 1: Unlock Church Blueprint

Before you can start building the Church, you need to unlock the blueprint. To do this, you must progress through the main questline until you reach the "A Place of Faith" quest. This quest will guide you through the process of building and upgrading the Church.

Step 2: Gather Resources

Once you have unlocked the Church blueprint, you'll need to gather the necessary resources to build it. The required resources include:

  • Stone: You can find stone by mining it from rocks or purchasing it from the Stonecutter NPC.
  • Simple Iron Parts: You can craft Simple Iron Parts from Iron Ingots. Iron Ingots can be crafted from Iron Ore, which can be found in the mine.
  • Nails: Nails can be crafted from Iron Ingots or purchased from the Blacksmith.
  • Planks: Planks can be crafted from Logs at the Sawmill.
  • Complex Iron Parts: Complex Iron Parts can be crafted from Steel Ingots. Steel Ingots can be crafted from Iron Ingots and Coal at the Furnace.

Step 3: Start Building the Church

Once you have gathered all the necessary resources, it's time to start building the Church. Open your building menu and select the Church blueprint. Place the blueprint in a suitable location within your graveyard.

Step 4: Upgrade the Church

To earn more Faith Points, you'll need to upgrade the Church. Each upgrade will require additional resources. The required resources for each upgrade are:

  • Upgrade 1: 4 Iron Parts, 4 Nails, and 2 Planks.
  • Upgrade 2: 4 Complex Iron Parts, 4 Wooden Planks, and 4 Bricks.
  • Upgrade 3: 4 Marble Columns, 4 Quality Bricks, and 4 Glass.
  • Upgrade 4: 4 Golden Columns, 4 Marble Plates, and 4 Glass Windows.

Step 5: Pray for Faith Points

Once the Church is built and upgraded, you can start earning Faith Points by praying at the Church. The amount of Faith Points you earn will depend on the level of the Church and the quality of the sermon you deliver. To increase the quality of your sermon, you can unlock and upgrade various Church technologies. These technologies will improve your sermon skills and increase your chances of earning more Faith Points.

Step 6: Complete Church Quests

To earn even more Faith Points, you can undertake Church quests. These quests will require you to complete specific tasks or objectives. Completing these quests will reward you with additional Faith Points and other useful rewards.

By following these steps, you'll be able to build and upgrade your Church, earning plenty of Faith Points along the way. Use these points wisely to unlock powerful abilities and upgrades for your character in Graveyard Keeper.


Earning Faith through Sermons and Donating to the Church

Faith is an important resource in the game Graveyard Keeper, as it allows you to unlock various technologies, perform rituals, and improve relationships with non-player characters (NPCs). There are several ways to earn faith in the game, but one of the most effective methods is through sermons and donating to the church. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of earning faith through sermons and donating to the church.

Build a Church:

The first step to earning faith is to build a church in your graveyard. To do this, you will need to collect the necessary resources and construct the required building. Once the church is built, you can start performing sermons and accepting donations.

Prepare for Sermons:

Before you start performing sermons, make sure you are well-prepared. You will need a sermon topic, faith points, and a holy book. Sermon topics can be obtained from various sources, such as talking to NPCs, reading books, or discovering new technologies. Faith points can be obtained by completing quests, discovering new items, or performing rituals. Finally, you will need a holy book, which can be crafted using paper and ink.

Perform Sermons:

To perform a sermon, interact with the church podium and select the "Preach" option. The game will prompt you to select a sermon topic and specify the amount of faith points you want to invest. Choose a topic based on the preferences of the audience, as different NPCs have different preferences. Investing more faith points will increase the chances of a successful sermon, but be careful not to deplete your faith points too quickly.

Receive Donations:

After a successful sermon, the NPCs in attendance will donate faith to the church. The amount of faith received depends on the quality of the sermon and the preferences of the NPCs. Be sure to pay attention to their reactions during the sermon and adjust your topics accordingly to maximize donations.

Improve Church Reputation:

Earning faith through sermons is not only about the sermon itself but also about the reputation of your church. The church reputation affects the amount of faith you receive from sermons and can be improved by performing successful sermons, maintaining a clean and organized church, and completing quests for the NPCs.

Use Faith to Unlock Technologies and Perform Rituals:

Once you have collected enough faith, you can use it to unlock new technologies and perform rituals. Unlocking technologies will provide you with new tools, upgrades, and abilities, while performing rituals can grant you various benefits, such as healing, resurrection, or even turning corpses into gold.

In conclusion, earning faith through sermons and donating to the church is an important aspect of Graveyard Keeper. By building a church, preparing for sermons, performing successful sermons, improving your church reputation, and wisely using faith, you can unlock new technologies, perform powerful rituals, and progress further in the game. Good luck, and may your sermons be inspiring!

Frequently asked questions

There are several ways to earn faith in Graveyard Keeper. One way is by completing religious tasks given by the Bishop, such as building or upgrading the church, or providing him with specific items. Another way is by performing sermons at the church, which will attract more worshippers and increase your faith.

No, you cannot earn faith directly from the villagers in Graveyard Keeper. Faith is primarily obtained by completing religious tasks and performing sermons at the church. However, having a higher faith level can affect how the villagers perceive you and may have other indirect benefits.

Yes, faith is an important aspect of Graveyard Keeper. It is a measure of how successful you are in fulfilling your religious duties and maintaining the church. Having a higher faith level can unlock new abilities, attract more worshippers to your sermons, and allow you to progress further in the game's storyline. It is essential for becoming a successful graveyard keeper.

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