Unlock The Power Of Faith: Acquire Land Combat Units Through Spiritual Investment

can buy land combat units with faith

Did you know that in some strategy games, you can actually use faith, a resource traditionally associated with religion and spirituality, to buy land combat units? It may seem unconventional, but it adds a unique twist to gameplay that allows players to harness their faith in a more aggressive and strategic manner. In this article, we'll explore the concept of using faith to purchase land combat units and discuss how it can spice up the gameplay experience. Get ready to embark on a faith-driven conquest like never before!

Characteristics Values
Unit Cost 200 Faith
Combat Strength 45
Movement Speed 2
Sight Range 2
Range Attack Strength 0
Melee Attack Strength 45
Ranged Unit No
Requires Resources No
Special Abilities None


Introduction: Faith as a Currency in Civilization VI

In the world of Civilization VI, faith is a valuable resource that can be used for a variety of purposes. While most players are familiar with using faith to found religions, build religious buildings, and purchase Great People, some may not be aware that faith can also be used to buy land combat units.

Using faith to purchase land combat units is a strategy that can be particularly effective in the early stages of the game, when gold may be scarce and production may be focused on other needs. By purchasing land combat units with faith, players can quickly build up a formidable military without relying solely on gold or production.

To buy land combat units with faith, players must first unlock the necessary technology or civic. Specifically, players must research the technology or civic that unlocks the unit they wish to purchase. For example, to purchase a Swordsman with faith, players must first research the Iron Working technology. Similarly, to purchase a Knight with faith, players must research the Chivalry civic.

Once the necessary technology or civic is unlocked, players can then use their accumulated faith to purchase land combat units. To do so, players simply need to select a city with a Holy Site and click on the "Purchase Unit" button. From there, players can choose the land combat unit they wish to purchase and select the option to use faith as the currency.

It's important to note that the cost of purchasing land combat units with faith may vary depending on a variety of factors, including the unit being purchased, the current era, and any applicable game modifiers. In general, more advanced units will cost more faith to purchase.

Additionally, players should be aware that using faith to purchase land combat units may have long-term consequences for their civilization's religious growth. Since faith is also used to found religions and build religious buildings, using it to purchase combat units may divert resources away from these other important aspects of the game.

Overall, using faith to purchase land combat units can be a powerful strategy in Civilization VI. By strategically using faith to build up a strong military, players can secure their borders, defend against enemy attacks, and expand their empire. However, it's important to weigh the benefits of a strong military against the potential drawbacks of diverting resources away from other important aspects of the game.


Purchasing Land Combat Units with Faith: Pros and Cons

Faith, a resource in many strategy games, plays an important role in shaping your civilization's growth and progress. In addition to its primary use in religion-related advancements and beliefs, faith can also be utilized to purchase various types of units, including land combat units. However, like any decision in a strategy game, there are pros and cons to consider when using faith to acquire land combat units. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing land combat units with faith.


  • Rapid Expansion: One of the significant advantages of using faith to purchase land combat units is the ability to rapidly expand your civilization's territorial influence. By acquiring units through faith, you can bolster your military forces quickly, allowing you to conquer new lands, defend your borders, or respond to a sudden threat. This can be particularly useful in the early stages of the game when resources might be limited.
  • Flexibility: Faith allows for the flexibility of building different types of land combat units. Unlike traditional production, which may require specific resources or technologies, faith-based unit acquisition provides a more versatile approach. This means that you can adapt your military strategy on the go and assemble an army optimized to counter your opponents' strengths or exploit their weaknesses.
  • Faith Replenishment: In some cases, using faith to purchase land combat units can serve as a way to continuously replenish your military even during periods of resource scarcity. Faith generation can be relatively consistent, especially with the right religious beliefs or buildings, ensuring a steady supply of units regardless of your empire's infrastructure or economic conditions.


  • Opportunity Cost: Using faith to purchase land combat units comes at the expense of other potential uses. Faith can be employed in various aspects of the game, such as founding or enhancing a religion, constructing religious buildings, acquiring great people, or even obtaining unique religious units. Prioritizing land combat units with faith means sacrificing these alternative choices, potentially putting you at a disadvantage in the long run.
  • Lack of Production Bonuses: Faith-based unit acquisition lacks the production bonuses associated with traditional production methods. Constructing units through faith does not benefit from any production-focused buildings or technologies, meaning that the units you purchase may be relatively weaker or less technologically advanced compared to their traditionally manufactured counterparts. This can leave you at a disadvantage in battles against opponents who prioritize production.
  • Faith Commitment: Investing faith in land combat units requires a long-term commitment. Once faith is spent on unit acquisition, that faith is essentially locked and cannot be used for other purposes unless you disband the units. This can limit your flexibility and hinder the growth of other aspects of your civilization, such as religion or culture, which may have long-term benefits and synergies with other gameplay elements.

In conclusion, using faith to purchase land combat units can be a viable strategy in certain circumstances. Rapid expansion, flexibility, and continuous replenishment are just some of the advantages that faith-based unit acquisition offers. However, it is crucial to consider the opportunity cost, lack of production bonuses, and the long-term commitment associated with this approach. Weighing the pros and cons carefully will help you make an informed decision on whether using faith to purchase land combat units aligns with your overall strategy and objectives in the game.


Strategies for Using Faith to Buy Land Combat Units

Faith is a unique resource in Civilization VI that can be used for various purposes, including purchasing units, buildings, and even great people. One particularly useful strategy is to utilize faith to purchase land combat units, which can give you a significant advantage on the battlefield. In this article, we will explore different strategies for effectively using faith to buy land combat units and dominate your enemies.

Choose the Right Civilization:

The first step in utilizing faith for purchasing land combat units is to choose a civilization that can generate a substantial amount of faith. Some civilizations, such as Russia and Arabia, have unique abilities or bonuses that can increase faith production. Additionally, selecting a civilization with faith-specific bonuses, such as the Byzantium civilization's "Taxis" ability, can greatly enhance your ability to generate faith and therefore purchase land combat units.

Prioritize Faith-Generating Buildings and Policies:

In order to generate a significant amount of faith, it is crucial to prioritize faith-generating buildings and policies. Buildings such as the Holy Site and Shrine can increase faith production in your cities, while policies such as the Theocracy government policy card can further boost faith generation. By focusing on these buildings and policies, you can accumulate faith at a faster rate, allowing you to purchase more land combat units.

Utilize Founder Beliefs and Pantheons:

Founder beliefs and pantheons are part of the religion system in Civilization VI and can provide unique bonuses, including increased faith generation. When founding a religion, be sure to select founder beliefs and pantheons that enhance your faith production. For example, selecting the "Tithe" founder belief can provide additional faith for every city following your religion, while the "Religious Idols" pantheon belief increases faith from mines and quarries. By strategically selecting these beliefs and pantheons, you can further maximize your faith generation and ultimately purchase more land combat units.

Use Faith to Purchase Land Combat Units:

Once you have accumulated a significant amount of faith, it is time to start using it to purchase land combat units. Open the "Faith Purchase" menu by clicking on the faith icon in the top bar and select the land combat unit you wish to purchase. The available land combat units will vary depending on the era you are in, so be sure to adapt your purchasing strategy accordingly. For example, in the early game, you may want to focus on purchasing units such as warriors or archers, while in the late game, you can use faith to buy powerful units such as tanks or mechanized infantry.

Combine Faith Purchased Units with Other Military Strategies:

Finally, it is important to combine your faith-purchased land combat units with other military strategies in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. Utilize your faith-purchased units to strengthen your army and focus on specific military objectives. Consider combining them with other units produced through regular means or even with great generals' abilities to maximize their potential. Furthermore, ensure that you have the necessary support infrastructure, such as strategic resources and defensive structures, to maintain your military advantage.

In conclusion, utilizing faith to purchase land combat units can be a highly effective strategy in Civilization VI. By prioritizing faith generation, selecting the right civilization and religion bonuses, and combining faith-purchased units with other military strategies, you can dominate your enemies on the battlefield and achieve victory. So, the next time you play Civilization VI, don't underestimate the power of faith in acquiring a formidable land army!


Faith as a Game-Changer: Impact on Land Combat Strategies

In the world of Civilization VI, faith is not just a religious concept; it is a valuable resource that can drastically alter the way you approach land combat. With faith, you have the power to acquire powerful land combat units that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. In this blog, we will explore the impact of faith on land combat strategies and discuss how you can use it to your advantage in your quest for victory.

One of the most significant ways faith can impact your land combat strategies is through the purchase of land combat units. Traditionally, players have relied on production to build units, but faith introduces a new and powerful alternative. With faith, you can purchase land combat units directly, bypassing the need for production. This means that even if your cities are not well-suited for producing units, you can still build a formidable army using faith.

To make the most of this game-changing mechanic, it is crucial to prioritize the acquisition of faith. You can generate faith through various means, including constructing religious buildings, recruiting great prophets, sending missionaries, and converting other civilizations to your religion. By focusing on faith generation, you can accumulate a substantial amount of faith, which can then be used to purchase powerful land combat units.

One of the first land combat units you can purchase with faith is the Warrior Monk. This unit excels in battle, with its high combat strength and the ability to heal adjacent friendly units. By strategically placing Warrior Monks in your army, you can bolster your forces and provide much-needed support to your front-line units. This can make a significant difference in battles, where every advantage counts.

Another land combat unit that can be purchased with faith is the Crusader. As the name suggests, the Crusader is a powerful unit that is specifically designed for fighting against civilizations that follow different religions. With its bonus combat strength against units of different religions, the Crusader can be a formidable force on the battlefield. By using faith to acquire Crusaders, you can gain a tactical advantage over rival civilizations, allowing you to conquer cities and expand your empire.

Additionally, faith allows you to purchase other specialized land combat units, such as the Cossack and the Janissary. These units have unique abilities and bonuses that make them highly effective in certain situations. For example, the Cossack has the ability to ignore enemy zone of control, allowing it to move freely on the battlefield. The Janissary, on the other hand, gains additional combat strength for each enemy unit it defeats. By incorporating these specialized units into your land combat strategies, you can adapt to different scenarios and counter your opponents effectively.

In conclusion, faith is a game-changer when it comes to land combat strategies in Civilization VI. By prioritizing faith generation and using it to purchase specialized land combat units, you can significantly enhance your military capabilities. Faith allows you to build a powerful army even in cities with low production, giving you a strategic advantage over rival civilizations. So, don't underestimate the power of faith - embrace it, and let it guide you to victory on the battlefield.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can purchase land combat units with faith in the game. Faith can be used to buy various units, including infantry, tanks, and artillery.

To buy land combat units with faith, you first need to have a certain amount of faith points accumulated. Then, you can go to the appropriate menu in the game, usually the military production menu, and select the unit you want to purchase using faith.

Yes, there are some requirements and restrictions for buying land combat units with faith. For example, you may need to have a certain technology researched or a specific building constructed before you can purchase certain units with faith. Additionally, the cost in faith points may vary depending on the unit you want to buy.

While you can buy land combat units with faith, it is not the only option for acquiring these units. In the game, you can also produce land combat units through traditional methods, such as building them in a city or training them in a military district. Faith offers an alternative way to quickly obtain units, particularly in times of need or emergency.

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